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Dr. Granata provides a wide range of assessments and treatment. Each patient is seen personally by Dr. Granata and is provided with a fluid treatment plan.

Individual Adults

Dr. Granata provides assessment and care for adults with depression, anxiety, parenting issues, relationships problems, career planning, work and home stress, spiritual issues, PTSD, AD/HD, and more. At the end of your first session specific treatment recommendations are provided. 

Other Services

Dr. Granata is a highly sought after speaker. He provides seminars on parenting, marriage, preparing for adolescence, self esteem enhancement, stress inoculation and more. 


Dr. Granata also provides services to athletes to enhance performance. He has had the privilege of working with several Olympic athletes , DI and DII college and high school athletes and individuals just trying to unlock their best skills. Dr. Granata's opinions as a sports psychologist have been referenced in People magazine.

Children and Adolescents

Dr. Granata has a long history of enjoying working with children and teens. As an adjunct faculty member at CSU, Fresno, he teaches child and adolescent psychology. Often reluctant prior to their first visit, most children and teens look forward to their next meeting with Dr. Granata. Dr. Granata sees children and teens dealing with defiant behavior, learning problems, difficulty with peers/siblings, poor attention, poor organizational skills, low self esteem, and  stress. Dr. Granata likes to give children and teens tools they can apply outside of the office for better functioning. At each session Dr. Granata works closely with parents to integrate them into the treatment plan.

Marital, Pre-Marital and FamilyTherapy

Dr. Granata is a strong believer in keeping marriages and families together whenever possible. After an initial assessment, couples are provided with specific treatment recommendations tailored for their marriage. Enhanced communication techniques, understanding family dynamics, parenting planning, strategies for conflict resolution and behavioral changes are among the skills couples will learn. 


Dr. Granata also enjoys working pre-maritally with couples to help them have the best start to their life together. Pre-marital therapy usually entails approximately four sessions. 


The family is  treated as a whole system with each member influencing the health of the family unit. A family systems approach is used to address the complicated dynamics of intact and single parent families.

Dr. Granata provides assessments and testing for learning disabilities, AD/HD, depression, anxiety, I. Q., career placement, personality disorders, fitness for duty, psychological evaluations and more.

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