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Dr. Granata is a clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience helping adults, children/adolescents, marriages and more. His goal is to provide efficient and effective skills to move patients beyond their current conflicts. Dr. Granata's kind and friendly staff are ready to help schedule your first appointment.

Family Therapy

The family is  treated as a whole system with each member influencing the health of the family unit. 


Dr. Granata provides assessment  and care for adults with depression, anxiety, parenting issues , relationships problems , career planning, work and home stress, spiritual issues, PTSD, AD/HD, and more. Dr. Granata also provides assessment and treatment for children.


Dr. Granata provides assessments and testing for learning disabilities, AD/HD, depression, anxiety, I. Q., career placement, personality disorders, fitness for duty, psychological evaluations and more.

other Services

From seminars on parenting, marriage, preparing for adolescence, self esteem enhancement, and stress inoculation; to sports psychology and marital therapy, Dr. Granata has served as a keynote presenter for a variety of groups and professional organizations

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